We're a fast growing company dedicated to helping organizations get a better understanding of the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Africa and Europe regions

Market Entry Solutions

As operatives on the ground level, we are not only familiar with the nuanced barriers to expansion, we are seasoned experts in problem-solving in this field. We actively work to identify and dismantle obstacles to your business’s successful international integration from the onset of our working relationship together.

Our strengths rest with the strategy, intelligence and analysis we consistently provide to you. With deep knowledge of the territory, we focus on helping you make the smartest decisions.

Among our Duties

We provide country and specific sector projects, company and business relations studies, as well as introductions to high-profile investors and partners.
We identify opportunities and assess key factors and network intelligence.
We offer intelligence and advisory services on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council.
We conduct feasibility studies and prepare market briefs.
We deliver conference and keynote speeches for private clients as well as conglomerates.
We handle mediations and settlements in transactions, cases, and commercial disputes.


Combined with our advice on the investment process and basic geopolitics, geostrategies and business environments, our clients can be confident of the highly attractive market opportunities available in their chosen country.

Legal Services

Our partners are adept at dealing with everything foreign companies face in these countries, from licensing and tax laws to employee contracts

Legal Services

We expertly handle your international litigation, mediation, and arbitration services.
We represent our clients for real estate transactions and corporate and personal taxes.
We explain where territory regulations differ from Westernized law.


We also work to make sure U.S. and U.K.-based companies preparing to operate in the Middle East are compliant with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and U.K. Briberies Act, which bolsters the need for investors’ presence.


Organizational Strategy

Many companies have a strong sense of where they want to develop and how they want to grow, but fail to look at their talent in a strategic way to make sure they're capitalizing on their employees’ skill sets.

Through our human capital practice at Velt Advisory:

We identify your business strategies and goals.
We assess your core competencies and areas of need.
We bolster those competencies, working management styles and organizational opportunities requisite to innovation-based growth in these new markets.
We interview and make vital connections with potential company leadership and creative talent.
We recruit and coach the right members for your team growth.


International Advisory

Based on your industry and company goals, you'll want to quickly identify your strongest opportunities in these markets and how your company will uniquely benefit

International Advisory

When advising our clients on new terrain:

We break down the challenges you may face in these areas based on the current market and market culture.
We have knowledge of and respect for the cultural practices in these lands, and help businesses honor local traditions and interpersonal relationships.
We identify where you can make the largest impact, with strategic reports covering the market and best practices based on your organization.

Investment Consulting

Billions of dollars are being invested into several different industries in these countries, as East Africa ramps up its infrastructure and Saudi Arabia seeks to lower its dependence on oil and increase trade.

We're constantly researching trends and transactions to be up to date on how cash is flowing into these regions.
We are adept at banking wisely in the region.
We guide you to opportunities to receive a high return on investment.