We're a fast growing company dedicated to helping organizations get a better understanding of the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Africa and Europe regions

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We're a fast growing company dedicated to helping organizations get a better understanding of the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Africa and Europe regions.

The goal of our founding group of global entrepreneurs is to help your business garner an appreciation and grow with the social, economic, and political diversity and opportunities in these areas.

Expanding your business into these specific international markets requires a number of important steps and decisions before making that important strategic move.

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Success relies upon many critical factors and our expertise in these areas will serve to make your entry cost effective and create a clear path for long term growth.

Market entry solutions
Legal services
Organizational strategy
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Economic Trends 2016 European Session

Alexandre Katrangi Keynote Speaker

Why do Business in Africa and the Middle East


There is high-circulating cash flow
Under the Doing Business in Africa (DBIA) campaign, the U.S. has pledged billions of dollars into a range of industries to encourage growth between the African continent and the U.S., with hopes of expanding business and promote trade. Saudi Arabia, which had a $646 billion GDP in 2015, has a vested interest in diversifying its business beyond oil to stronger international business ties.


International companies enjoy a high return on investments
The returns aren’t just monetary. Impact investing refers to the strides companies make to help regional causes, from social effects to environmental benefits.


The region serves over 1 billion people, including a growing demographic of multinationals
This includes the younger generation, undergoing increasing urbanization. With the rise of more people, workers and demand for quality of living comes a demand for more jobs. Beyond the need for more opportunities, one-seventh of the world’s population also needs more companies to provide services of every kind.


There's a demand for infrastructure to support sustainable population growth
The rampant boom in the Middle Eastern and East African data and telecom industries reflect this demand. Construction, manufacturing, retail, and a swath of other industries are being called on to provide for the regional boom. There is also a trend of regional consumers buying based on their values and belief system, with consciousness towards environmentally friendly practices.


You'll be strategically positioned at the crossroads of Asia and the Western world
Situating yourself here means incredible access to trade and investment in Asia, which is growing at a comparatively quicker pace that between other international markets. There's even interest in reviving ancient Silk Road routes. Any business aiming to make a global impression, especially in and between Eastern and Western markets, will benefit greatly from making a mark in the untapped area between.

About Us

Establishing a presence in Saudi Arabia, Europe, Africa, and Gulf Cooperation Council countries is an exciting and lucrative move for international businesses, presenting a wealth of new opportunities and great potential for growth. In order to successfully take this important step, a company requires the help of an experienced agent with numerous strong relationships in the area.

The Velt Advisory team is uniquely positioned to enable a straightforward transition for our clients into these regions. Our experience gives us special familiarity with vital prerequisites necessary in each country, and we use that knowledge to deliver a tailored strategy based on your company's needs and goals. Our resources allow us to overcome some of the most notorious hurdles to market entry -- from fear of corruption to knowing the right time to introduce your business.

To get a sense of how we work, it's important to understand a few of the most common barriers to market entry and how we overcome them.

We have established numerous international partnerships

In Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council, a very high value is placed on your market connections. You must have pre-established relationships here. Deals are struck at a pace slower than in Westernized countries, and business interactions are much more personal. Those companies beginning to do research on doing business in these countries will learn they can’t even begin to think about it without having established trust with powerful connections — something which can take years.

We are trusted dealmakers and hold deep, powerful relationships in the region. Our experience working directly with key players gives companies entering the market the validity they need to get started. Working with us as consultants allows your company to find and develop its most fitting niche, no matter what the stage of the business.

We grow your team from the inside out

A joint report from the World Bank Group and other leading international banks cited a lack of appropriately trained workers as a top barrier to regional market entry. Finding workers and preparing your staff for expansion alone can be enough to handle; roping in cultural considerations and recruiting qualified connections presents a new level of challenges.

Our human resources team tauts a list of international experience working with global companies. Based on the organizational strategy that works best for your company’s growth, we lead your growth efforts -- from providing critical insight, to coaching your internal team, to finding trusted workers in the region.

We understand the laws

The value of a thorough understanding of the region’s laws cannot be overstated. Just as you trust lawyers for domestic business, a dedicated law worker assists legal dealings and can decipher complex nuances in international contracts. It’s especially vital to have strong legal aid in East Africa and the GCC, as negotiations here are known to take longer than they would in the Western world.

Our legal team has counseled numerous international clients on commercial litigation, arbitration and M&A deals.


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